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About Laurel


Elected to the Olmsted County Board of Commissioners in 2022, Laurel believes in the power of public service to improve the everyday lives of people.

A passionate servant leader, Laurel brings strong collaborative skills and optimistic thinking to local government. With 20 years of experience in education, healthcare, community organizing and neighborhood advocacy, she understands the importance of working together to get things done. Laurel partners with national, state, and local leaders, to ensure exceptional county services for every Olmsted County resident.



  • Meals on Wheels, March for Meals Week of Champions

  • A Litter Bit Better

  • Hawthorne Helps

  • Ready To Lead

  • Rochester Public Library

  • Med City Roller Derby 

  • Family Promise

  • Refugee Family Resettlement

  • Church Volunteer and Youth Mentor


  • Rochester Area Foundation, First Homes

  • Rochester Civic Theater

  • Pamoja Women

  • Kutzky Park Neighborhood Association


  • Reduce financial burden on taxpayers by advocating at the State and Federal Legislature for funding of mandated services

  • Amplify community presence by lifting up underrepresented voices

  • Encourage economic development that will create jobs, serve our greater community, and strengthen our local economy

  • Prioritize the continuum of care in Olmsted County, from early childhood to older adults, by working with local, state, and federal partners to improve service to residents

  • Champion the performing and visual arts in Olmsted County

  • Expand leadership opportunities and civic engagement for young people in Olmsted County                                                                

  • Laurel's Current Olmsted County Appointments  

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Laurel grew up in Rochester’s Kutzky Park Neighborhood. She spent her senior year of high school in Germany as a Rotary exchange student. After graduating from John Marshall High School, she continued her work and education in Minneapolis and Los Angeles, returning to Kutzky Park in 2007, where she now lives with her husband, Darin, their dog, Rudy, and a small flock of backyard chickens. Laurel’s stepdaughter, Ella, lives in the Twin Cities and works as a digital media designer. Laurel joined the

Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center

team at Mayo Clinic in 2009 as an educator and health and wellness professional. Serving students, patients, and staff holistically, her work centers on resiliency and healthy aging. Laurel is a successful small business owner, operating a cottage food enterprise from her home in the Kutzky Park Neighborhood. 


Laurel has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater Arts from the University of Minnesota, and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

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