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Responsible Stewardship

A County Commissioner's job is to set the budget and establish policy, in order to ensure strong county departments and services. Diverse backgrounds make a county board effective and reflective of the community. Every commissioner views county business through a unique lens, and with a unique set of priorities. I aim to use my background in education, healthcare, small business ownership, and community leadership to be a responsible steward of Olmsted County resources. Using Olmsted County resources wisely means supporting the continued excellence of Olmsted County departments, programs and services today, while ensuring Olmsted County’s success into the future. 

Spirit of Service

My father, Mike Podulke, was elected Olmsted County Commissioner in 1988. He served on the Olmsted County Board for 24 years, until his unexpected death. My mother, Stephanie Podulke, was elected to the same seat in 2011. For most of my life, county issues have been dinner table talk. True believers in public service, my parents dedicated their life's work to strengthening our community and improving the lives of others. From my father I learned fearlessness, perseverance, and creative problem solving. From my mother, diplomacy, fairness, and the skill of deep listening. My parents continue to inspire me every day as I follow my own heart’s calling to serve my community more fully. When elected County Commissioner I aim to continue in courageous leadership, meaningful civic discourse, and listening to the voice of all Olmsted County residents.  


Finding Common Ground

Strong communities and empowered citizens are essential to a vibrant county. As a public servant I will be committed to amplifying community voice, bringing unheard stories to the decision-making table, and working to solve Olmsted County’s most pressing issues with the voice of constituents built into the solutions. I am committed to tackling tough issues with fairness and civility, in a true spirit of collaboration. When elected county commissioner I will be singularly committed to discovering optimal pathways forward, ensuring the efficiency, vibrancy, and smooth operations of Olmsted County. 

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