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Responsible Stewardship

County Commissioners are responsible for setting the budget and enacting policy that ensures strong county departments and services. Diverse backgrounds strengthen a county board, making it reflective of the community it serves. Every Commissioner views county business through a unique lens, and with a unique set of priorities. I use my background in education, healthcare, small business ownership, and community leadership to be a responsible steward of Olmsted County resources. Using Olmsted County resources wisely means using budgetary restraint while supporting the continued excellence of Olmsted County departments, programs and services.   

Prevent and Mitigate Hardship

The difficult reality is that many Olmsted County residents experience hardship on a daily basis. This could include food insecurity, housing instability and homelessness, eviction, lack of access to medical care, substance use disorder, mental health distress, and violence in the home. Counties are charged with providing critical services for individuals and families most in need of assistance. Critical county services are compassionate in nature and are intended to serve as a safety net. Life starts with stability. With safety and stability established, residents are more able to live productive and fulfilled lives.  


Find Common Ground

Strong communities and empowered citizens are essential to a vibrant county. As a public servant I am committed to amplifying community voice, bringing unheard stories to the decision-making table, and working to solve Olmsted County’s most pressing issues with the voice of constituents built into the solutions. I tackle tough issues with fairness and civility, in a true spirit of collaboration. As County Commissioner I am focused on discovering optimal pathways forward in shaping policy and delivering excellent county services. 

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